Money Management

There are a number of reasons as to why people lose their money in the Forex market but two of them stand out and count as the most important ones.


the main reason people lose money in the Forex Market is because they trade with the short time frame due to the fact that they are in a rush to make a large profit in a short period of time. The reason why this does not work though is because with the short time frame, there is a lack of technical and fundamental analysis and also because the broker is free to manipulate the price at any time he wishes to which will result to the immediate loss of all your money.

With our correct form of Money Management however, not only will you be able to increase your financial knowledge but you will also be able to create a personal action plan for your own success. With that being said, we aim to help each individual build their own goals in terms of increasing their budget in a short amount of time.



the functionality and success behind our money management is due to the fact that it is very different from any other one existing. With us, you will see and understand that the drop down will be very small, if there is any, and in contrast, the increase of your capital will be greater week by week. All this is based on advanced mathematics which you will gradually understand throughout your trading.


To conclude

although money management is vital as mentioned above, it merely makes up one third of the ingredients that a trader needs in order to succeed his goals. In addition to that, we mention the other two factors that make up the rest of the third and add up to what is known as the triangle of success. The triangle of success, therefore, is an important aspect that every trader must have in order to succeed, consisting of:

  1. Correct Money Management
  2. Strong Strategy
  3. Right Psychological State

Unfortunately, this is the second reason because if someone doesn't have even one of these three factors, then it will result to the loss of his money as so happens today to the 85% of the world.