Money Management

There is a number of reasons to why people lose their money while trading in FOREX. Two of them stand out and are the most important ones.


Most traders are aiming to large profits in a very small time frame. This is working totally against any trader. In this kind of trading lack of technical and fundamental analysis concludes to a disaster. While this is happening, many ,non-legit, brokers are taking advantage of the situation by manipulating the price at any given moment causing a bigger loss to their customers accounts.

By following our Money Management however, you will be able to increase your knowledge since everything is explained and shown thoroughly, and finally create your own accurate plan of action leading to success.

Our aim is to help every trader acquire all the knowledge needed to accomplish its target.

We want you to be able to aim HIGH!

We have built a different, more functional and successful money management strategy, based on advanced mathematics and statistics, that no other has until now. Your capital will increase week after week safely and steadily. Drop downs WILL occur, but we can guarantee that at the end of the day you will grow bigger and stronger.

Although money management is vital, it is only one third of what you really need to succeed. The strong combination of two more factors is required to create to what is known as the triangle of success. The triangle of success therefore consists of:

1)Firm Strategy

2)Solid Psychological State

3)Correct Money Management

If  a trader lacks even one of this three components then unsuccessful trading is very probable. 97% of the traders worldwide lose their money because the triangle is not complete.