Forex Strategy

To begin with, the easiest and most profitable strategy is the one  that we have created which is trading  only once or twice per day. Based on this, our main goal is to help our clients make 7-25% of their money on a monthly basis.


to explain our method, we must inform you that we solely deal with the one hour (1hr) and four hour (4hr) time frame. The reason why we emphasize this is because if someone trades with the short time frame (5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes), that person will most probably lose due to the fact that there is a lack of fundamental and technical analysis.

For this we have created a completely new strategy known as the "TRADE 10" which is extremely different from any other existed strategy. All the expert advisors (manually or automated) in the world are built to give a large or small profit on a monthly basis based mostly on the short time frames and some on the large time frames. The problem however with all the EAs is that they are seeking to solely make a profit without calculating the possible percentage of their loss, the percentage of eliminating their trading account and lastly, the percentage of their stress level which is the main factor as to why people lose their money.

As a result, even though every EAs always begin very strongly, they then lose all the profit as well as the capital of any individual trader.

This is the point where "TRADE 10" comes in which is built the exact opposite of any other EA.


At first

the functionality was created to work against the elimination of any account. The percentage of an account to be eliminated based on this, therefore, is 0.013%.


due to the fact that the elimination of  an account is at zero levels, the stress level of any individual automatically equals to zero. As a result, we have created the most stable and non-stressful EA by completing the two of the three key factors for successful trading.

The third one

is the most important of all and includes our strategy: "TRADE 10"  is built to observe the market without executing all the trades. In fact, it observes 400 trades on a monthly basis between  the following currencies:

  • EUR/USD,
  • EUR/JPY,
  • AUD/USD,
  • and German30 (Dax30).

From all the trades that we have mentioned above, "TRADE 10" executes only the 15% of them, (around 60 trades monthly) which have the highest chance of winning. The trades which are executed therefore, have a success ratio between 85 - 87 %.


to be able to confirm the success rate mentioned, you can easily see our historical results which were published on 1st of December 2017.