General FAQ

Are you a Forex Broker?

MasterForexSignals is not a Forex broker but it is a Forex signal provider.

We have two separate services:

  • One is known as copy trading which requires you to follow the instructions on how to connect your MT4 account with our MasterForexSignals MT4 account.
  • The second is by sending you daily e-mails or SMS about our trading ideas containing all the important details including the entry price, stop loss and take profit.

We currently accept payments solely via SKRILL

We currently offer forex signals to the following currency pairs:

  • GER30

We offer the one hour and four hours signal.

Clients receive a maximum of two signals per day.

This is extremely rare but if this case ever occurs, your next subscription will be free until your account reaches positive.

There is educational support but only for those who want to increase their private health management.

In order to become an affiliate, you must first send us a request to

Our monthly fee is fixed at €200.

For the low risk accounts, their profit is 5-12% on a monthly basis. Usually the deposit for this kind of account is over €50,000.

For the medium risk accounts, their profit is 15-25% and the deposit requirement is above €10,000.

Lastly, for the high risk accounts there is a profit of 25-75% and the deposit requirement is €2,000 and over.

You can contact us through the contact form, live chat or by sending us an e-mail at support@masterforexsignals or We reply within a day.