About us

We are a team of professional Forex traders who solely deal with the one hour and four hour time frame which are by far the most accurate ones. As masterforexsignals.com, we have a unique trading style as well as a unique methodology. In addition, we provide our clients with an advanced strategy and guide them on how to manage their money correctly.

To sum it all up and describe ourselves in three words, we are: experienced, trusted and fair.


We have been trading in forex since 2004 so it took us ten years to create and master our strategy.

This strategy that we have created therefore, is extremely successful and the reason as to why is because we have managed to excel our triangle of success.

To elaborate, this triangle of success consists of three crucial factors which lead to the success of every trade: correct money management, stable psychology and a strong strategy.

To conclude, the reason as to why our strategy has worked is because during the creation of it, we were not looking at what we could win in the near future but instead, we were examining how to never lose our money. It is important to mention that since our strategy is exceedingly serious, we solely seek for serious traders who aim to make a substantial monthly profit.



The rationale behind this is due to the fact that it is probably the only strategy in the world that is followed by fund managers and even great investors who deposit above one million dollars in their account.

Furthermore, it is also followed by students who are in need of a monthly income in order to pay their school or rent and by middle-aged people who desire an additional income in their house.

Additionally, it if even followed by individuals who are over 50 and wish to receive their pension earlier than 65 years old.



We are most probably the only website in the world who does not trade with the purpose of manipulating our clients through a number of false reasons such as showing them previous historical results.

Besides this, another reason is that we do not promise them that they would have made millions by now through short time frame trading and then ask them for 7-10 dollars for a 7 day trial.

Lastly, what we do though, is show them previous results that are actually certified from MT4 and through our guidance, we supply them with the triangle of success and show our people that with us, their money cannot be lost but only won.