About us

OUR MISSION Master Forex Signals’s mission is to reduce as much as possible the massive losses traders, all over the globe, have to face while experiencing FOREX trading. Our goal is to provide to as many people as possible our profitable trading strategies in order to create for them a more profitable future in the financial industry. In other words, our plan is to increase in numbers the portfolio of each and every one of our clients. This will simply happen by following our carefully developed FOREX trading strategies, our advanced methodology and of course our SOLID psychology.


WHO IS MASTER FOREX SIGNALS Our team consists of 12 people. Professional FOREX traders, analysts and psychologists. We have been trading professionally since 2004. Every member  was carefully chosen after showing dedication and commitment to our goal. Our latest strategies are the result of long term experience in the industry involving a lot of studying, self development, trading, winning and  of course, loosing. Back in the years, after many wins and losses, our goal became more clear to us. We wanted to develop an advanced strategy that will predict the trend of  FOREX market through exceptional money management, advanced knowledge and SOLID psychology. Now, after so many years, we are able to earn a stable, healthy income by FOREX trading.

The positive results of our various trading systems attracts the interest of other professionals such as Fund Managers and ECN/STP/DMA Brokers. As we previously mentioned above, our strategies consist of three major features, accurate money management, SOLID psychology and a very well developed strategy. Real trading is what we believe that every trader around  the world needs to exceed any expectations.


WORKING FAIR We STRONGLY believe in our product. We want all our clients to trade fair and under proven trading strategies. We do not want in any case to provide false information and signals. All our work is proven and displayed in real history charts where anybody can see and confirm. Our work is also displayed live through professional and legitimate websites like Social Trader Tools using ALWAYS live account and never demo accounts.

We are strongly against any agreements that can cause loss to our clients. On the contrary we suggest that they register ONLY in  STP/ECN/DMA trustable brokers who also posses the best reviews worldwide.


At Master Forex Signals we challenge every new trader to explore our trading method by simply copying one of our trading systems. Following our trading and applying our advanced money management is a combination that leads to success. Master Forex Signals is a safe place where anyone can learn how to become a professional in FOREX trading, how to manage his money through our methodology but most importantly, how to acquire a stable monthly profit according to your needs and goals.