About us

Our mission: Master forex signals mission is to break the cycle of massive loss that most traders experience through sustainable and very profitable trading. Our mission is the motive that drives us to do everything in our power to motivate our clients so they can have a greater future in forex trading. This means a monthly increase in their portfolio by simply  copying our unique forex trading strategies, our advanced methodology as well as our solid psychology.

Who we are:

We are a team of 12 professional forex traders, analysts and psychologists. We have been trading in forex since 2004, meaning that it took us 13 years to create and master our strategy. This team was carefully chosen and created based on our past experiences in forex, such as our huge amounts of losses in our forex trading accounts for instance. Not only this, but for some of us, forex has cost us our jobs and most importantly, our happiness.

The main idea was to create an advanced forex strategy that will control the trend of forex market through exceptional money management, a solid strategy, and a stable psychology. Now, 14 years later, we are able to earn a stable, healthy income, and all this by mastering forex trading.

The results of our trading systems initiates the interest of other people such as Fund Managers And ECN/STP/DMA Brokers who also happen to be our clients, by providing our strategy to their traders. As we previously mentioned above, TRADES 1,3,6,9 were created under a triangle of success which consists of three crucial factors which lead to the success of every trade: correct money management, stable psychology and a strong strategy. This is the basis for a brighter future for every trader in the world, built on real trading.

We do this by creating world proven trading strategies ( TRADE 1,3,6,9), by making our products solid and profitable and by guiding our clients through our various e-books to learn unique money management and develop a more stable professional psychology.

Working Fair :

We are most probably the only website in the world who does not trade with the purpose of manipulating our clients through a number of false reasons such as showing them previous historical results hand written, but instead our results are displayed live and are certified by MQL5.

We also do not use any demo accounts like other traders do. On the contrary, we ONLY use live accounts which again are certified by MQL5. We do not take advantage of our clients' loss by making different agreements against them and instead suggest that they register ONLY IN  STP/ECN/DMA trustable brokers that are by far the best in the world since they possess the best reviews worldwide.

At Masterforexsignals, we challenge any new trader to explore our trading method by simply copying one of our trading systems for free, for as many as 21 days with no credit card details required. In addition, they should combine that trading system with our advanced money management and methodology. Masterforexsignals is a safe place where anyone can learn how to become a professional in forex trading by copying one of our systems, how to manage your money through our methodology but most importantly, how to acquire a stable monthly profit according to your needs and goals.